Lonely Violent Beach

Order is again established in my daily life after a long and painful divorce. For the moment I am still without a proper home, but I have made sure that my collection is in safety. One of the advantages with moving after all these years has been the insane amount of material that comes up to the surface after being buried in piles of tapes and books... I found a vhs copy of Ernesto Gastaldis great "Lonely Violent Beach". Over the years I have separated with women, friends, personal belongings, my freedom and so on - something I never parted with though is the few videocassettes I have from the swedish Baroness label. One of the titles on this label was Våldets Strand.... I found this tasteful poster for it and had to share it. Eventually I'll add the cover artwork for the swedish rental too. I also found a few copies of the DVDR bootleg of this title we did under the Skvader Film label (actually most for our own enjoyment)... if anyone is interested I can part with them for a resonable price. Me and Tony (Alfarmania) did this years ago and actually managed to put out a few ultrarare / impossible titles. Sourced from original vhs to dvdr and custom dvd artwork based on posters and rental boxart. I list a few here for examples:
Shadows Unseen, Prostituzione / Street Angels, Giallo a Venezia, The Hokey-Pokey Gang, Violence for Kicks, Ready for Anything, Cop-In, The Eye in the Labyrinth, The Tunnel / Eroina, The Hawk & The Dove, Lucky the Inscrutable, Rat Savior and many others.... however, this was years ago and is hardly something there is time (or need) for nowadays. Most titles can be downloaded from some of the nice torrent communities or bought through reliable mailorders such as Videodrome in Sundsvall (best supplier of exploitation & horror in northern europe!)

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