first transmission

Photo taken from the 1972 movie Wild Honey, directed by Don Edmonds (mainly known for his exploitation classic Ilsa).

Some words of introduction... The aim with Ghoulson blog is to provide a selection of various oddities from my archives and write about things of personal interest. I'll eventually include some material donated by friends and readers. Some people will probably be disturbed with content but it is merely intended for the eyes of other aficionados. Scanned
by myself (or donated by friends) from various magazines, photos, lobbycards, flyers etc. Nothing is lifted from other online sources...
Feel free to comment. If you would like to use some of the material its ok but don't forget to mention where you found it and maybe write some lines to alpharmania@gmail.com

I work with art, culture and music under various names. This is material I consider hard to fit into my other projects or simply just my appreciation of other peoples work. First days of the blog will include intensive posting of new material as I have been killing time at my work using their scanner... In future I will try to make new posts at least once a week.

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